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"Be prepared to be amazed by what you can see and experience with the aid of our professional range of hand held night vision and thermal imaging wildlife observation equipment."

Detect animals as small as rabbits at up to 600 metres away or get close enough to see badgers and Roe deer going about their nightly routine without them knowing you're there.

Wherever we go up to five tour participants can be transported in our specially prepared night tours vehicle, complete with external mounted thermal camera and internal viewing screens.

Each participant will have their own state of the art thermal imaging device to use for the duration of the tour, along with access to other high tech wildlife observation equipment.

Thats not all though......

Everything YOU see out on foot can be recorded at the touch of a button for our team to edit.  A copy will be posted to you as a memento of your tour on one of our custom USB pen drives.

Nocturnal Wildlife Tours are 'Proud Supporters of the Galloway and Southern Ayrshire Biosphere'