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ITV Border out on a Nocturnal Wildlife Tour

Nocturnal Wildlife Tours operate throughout the year from their base in Castle Douglas.  The Tours start at sunset and with a maximum of 5 participants on each Tour the leaders/rangers aim to show you wildlife in a totally different light. If you excuse the pun. Using state of the art thermal cameras you are able to see wildlife as you have never seen it before as the animals go about their nightly ways without them knowing you are there.  On the evening Lori chose to go out with the NWT guides they were able to show her various species of bat as well as hare, badger rabbit, hedgehog and roe deer. The highlight of the evening for Lori was discovering a young roe deer fawn lying within a metre of a path where daytime visitors to the estate would have passed by oblivious to its presence. As we had detected the fawn using a thermal camera Lori was then able to film the youngster with her TV camera using a low level light so as not to disturb the animal and the fact we were down wind meant it probably never even knew we were there.