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Nocturnal Wildlife Tours - May 2015

May is a good month for watching wildlife. Spring is in the air and with it much of our local wildlife has only one thing on their minds: breeding.  With the warmer evenings bats, in particular Daubenton's will have emerged from their winter hibernation and can be seen feeding on insects emerging form the river Dee.  Badger cubs will be venturing future from the sett each night so we should begin to encounter them as they forage for earthworms.

Both Tawny and Barn Owls will be very active as they hunt for voles and mice in the surrounding countryside.

Badgers are particularly active just now with the youngsters venturing further from the sett each night.

You might be surprised at the number of different bird species which are still active as dusk falls, such as robins and thrushes.  On our last outing we saw at least three roding woodcock.

Mammals, in particular rabbits and deer are very active at dusk and on into the night.

With the use of our thermal cameras, viewing them has never been easier as they go about their daily/nightly lives in complete darkness.

Hedgehogs are another specialist species of the night and can often cover vast distances as they search for food and we may get the chance to see how many of our local population have managed to survive the winter.

Who knows we may even get lucky and see an otter as some of our nightly route takes us along a river bank.