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Day Time Tours

Dumfries and Galloway has much to offer in the way of wildlife throughout the year, from the spectacular sight of thousands of geese and waders on the Solway during the winter months or perhaps the sight, sounds and smell of a breeding seabird colony in summer. In spring our woodlands come alive with the sound of bird song and there is no better way to experience this than in one of the many bluebell woodlands in Dumfries and Galloway with an experienced naturalist.

At Nocturnal Wildlife Tours we offer bespoke Day Time tours throughout the year, whether you are a family group wishing to see the wildlife or even just the hidden scenery of Dumfries and Galloway or perhaps you might be a more specialist group looking for specific wildlife.  Then why not choose to be guided by our resident wildlife expert in our specially prepared land rover, which can take up to a maximum of five persons. We will work with you to plan your itinerary depending on your needs offering both full and half day tours. Our expert naturalist knows the best places to see wildlife during the various months of the year maximising your chance of seeing wildlife. He also understands the importance of responsible wildlife watching and will make sure that your trip does not negatively impact on the animals you want to see.

As part of your day tour you will have access to the NWT thermal cameras, should you wish to us this equipment. These hand-held monocular devices are equally useful during the day and will allow you to spot wildlife you would not readily pick up with the naked eye or with binoculars. We also have a vehicle mounted thermal camera which relays footage to two screens in the vehicle.

Our tour leader is also an award winning landscape and wildlife photographer so perhaps you would like a day in the field learning how best to use your DSLR camera. Rather than being prescriptive and dictating where and how to take photographs, Keith urges all his participants to develop their own individual style of photography. He encourages them to experiment and explore their subject, whether it is wildlife or a landscape. He will guide you through composition, exposure and the use of different lenses in order to capture the best possible images.

Based in Castle Douglas we have easy access to the coast, woodland and the Galloway Hills for you to practice your skills.

A photo tour is best suited for those of beginner to intermediate level. A basic level of fitness is helpful as this tour will involve a series of short walks.

All you need is a DSLR camera, but feel free to bring along any other equipment you have, such as tripod, filters and lenses. Please bring your camera manual if you are struggling with the technical jargon.

So why not give us a call to discuss your tour.

Prices below are based on a max group booking of 5 persons.  Price for a single person: Full Day £199.  Half Day £119

Full Day - approx 8 hours £349 (vehicle and guide) Based on 2 or more people up to a max of 5 persons

Half Day - approx 4 hours £229 (vehicle and guide) Based on 2 or more people up to a max of 5 persons