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August 2015 Headlines

The nights are beginning to slowly draw in now with sunset just after 9.00pm now, which means not so many very late nights out in the countryside of Dumfries and Galloway as we look for nocturnal wildlife.  Later this month we will be heading out to recce a potential new location to take NWT participants, but more about that next month.  

Meantime, as local farmers take their second cut of silage (long grass) this is good news for us as creatures such as badger, hare, rabbit, hedgehog and even roe deer will no longer disappear from sight as they enter this long grass.  Its surprising how tall silage can be and even with species such as roe deer it may only be their head and ears that appear above it. And now that their rutting season is upon us they will also be very vocal as well as visible.  Bats have also been very active down by the river, in particular Daubentons as they catch insects as they emerge from River Dee, with Threave Castle in the background.  Is the castle haunted as some suggest? Well, we have never identified any unusual heat sources around it! Although the large granite stones of the castle retain a lot of the daytime heat and it does make it an impressive sight at night through our thermal cameras.  Please do follow us on Facebook and Twitter which we endeavour to update on a regular basis.

Keith (Tour Leader/Ranger)