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Pricing and Tour Duration

The average Nocturnal Wildlife Tour duration including a tour briefing at Tours HQ to return to base is 3hrs. Each Tour meets at sunset which varies throughout the year. The minimum age for a child is 10yrs. old.

For sunset times please follow the link below and look for your booking date to confirm approximate start time.

Sunrise and sunset times

Actual meet time will be confirmed on booking.

Day Tour Pricing

Day Tour Prices below are based on a max group booking of 5 persons.  Price for a single person: Full Day £199.  Half Day £119

Full Day - approx 8 hours £349 (vehicle and guide) Based on 2 or more people up to a max of 5 persons

Half Day - approx 4 hours £229 (vehicle and guide) Based on 2 or more people up to a max of 5 persons

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Please Contact Us if you have a bespoke daytime or nocturnal wildlife tour request.

What can you expect to see, I hear you ask?

It all depends on the time of year, Dumfries and Galloway is teeming with all kinds of wildlife from roe deer to red squirrels.
The proximity of the sea also gives us the opportunity to see a variety of birds such as geese and waders.
We also offer day time tours which include the use of our thermal imaging equipment, you'll be amazed by how much more you can see during the day!
Our experienced and knowledgeable tour guides have over 40 years of experience and will guide you safely through the countryside, whether on foot or in our tour vehicle, all the way from the Solway Coast, to the depths of the Galloway Forest Park.
During your time with us you will have exclusive access to state of the art wildlife observation equipment.
We supply tour participants with a hand held thermal imaging camera and in addition we also have hand held night vision for you to use on your tour.

Thermal Imaging

All objects both natural and man made emit infrared energy as heat.
By detecting very subtle temperature differences of everything in view, infrared (or thermal imaging) technology reveals what otherwise would be invisible to the naked eye.

Whether you are looking at a badger, or a roe deer going to cover on the hill, a thermal imaging device will allow you to observe nature in daylight or complete darkness at distances up to 950m.

Unlike night vision, thermal imagers are unimpeded by objects such as foliage or grass, and are unaffected by adverse weather conditions such as fog or rain.
We use Pulsar Quantum hand held thermal imagers, which retail at £2899 per unit.

Hand Held Night Vision

We use digital night vision devices on our tours which allow you to see in complete darkness with the aid of an onboard infrared illuminator to provide a clear image of wildlife at distances up to 300m away.

As with all our equipment, deer, badgers, foxes, rabbits etc are not aware that they are being watched as these devices are covert i.e do not emit visible light.

 Wildlife Cameras

A wildlife camera can provide a fascinating insight into the day time and nocturnal lives of wildlife in our region.

By using a state of the art motion detection system these wildlife cameras, or "camera traps" as they are often referred to, detect "heat in motion" and trigger the camera to take either a series of still images, or a video clip, in full colour by day, and in black and white at night.
On our tours we may choose to locate some of these cameras out on the trail when we begin a walk, and then retrieve the footage on our return journey.
Animals such as otters and pine martens are particularly elusive, and the slightest sniff of our presence is enough to scare them off, however with the aid of a carefully placed trail camera trap, we stand a better chance of capturing exclusive footage rare and wonderful creatures.

We also have cameras on sites to check for wildlife patterns which help give us a better understanding of the surrounding area.
These trail cameras are not only fun to use, but educational as well and relatively inexpensive to buy. We use the Wildgame Innovations and Spypoint cameras which are excellent value for money.

A typical tour itinerary.

When you book a tour with us, we will ask you to meet us at our tours office, (details on where to find us on our contact page) where you will meet our team.

Introduction to our area and the equipment.

We will show you the equipment you will be using on the tour, and give you a demonstration on how to use the equipment to obtain the best results. We provide the hand held observation equipment with video capture devices allowing you to record footage in the field, on foot or in the vehicle (when the vehicle is stationary)
Each tour participant will be assigned their own cabinet in the office where their tour equipment will be located.

Boarding the Nocturnal Wildlife Tours 4x4

We will then leave the tours office and board our specially prepared Land Rover Defender 4x4, where our guides will activate the on-board thermal imaging camera, and demonstrate its use before we depart.

Depart to locations

Up to FIVE tour participants will be transported to locations in our specially prepared tours vehicle, complete with internal viewing screens which we will view on the way to our first location.
Together with our tour guides you will be able to observe and identify any incidental wildlife on route to our destination, before setting off on foot into the darkness with your handheld thermal camera.

Arriving at locations

Once out on foot, the tour guides will be on hand to further assist tour participants with their thermal equipment in order to ensure that everyone gets the best possible experience.
Our guides will also have pre scouted our destinations in advance to the best of their ability in order to give you the best chance of seeing different species.

Return to the tours office

When we get back to base, we will proceed to the tours office where all the equipment is returned.
Our guides will then retrieve the SD card from the device you were using ready for editing. This will then be edited over the next few days and can be posted on to you, usually within one week.
Alternatively, should you wish to have a tour video of your own footage, then we can do this for you, but will be subject to an additional cost.